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WHO Collaborating Centre

for Modelling, Evolution and Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Schematic diagram high resOur WHO Collaborating Centre is in the privileged position of collaborating with Public Health from an academic setting. A tremendous synergy exists between influenza public health and influenza research, due to the necessarily sophisticated surveillance and decision-making processes already in place to track the evolution of influenza viruses and update the influenza virus vaccine. The WHO global influenza surveillance network is the most extensive for any pathogen and provides close to a real-time picture of the global evolution of influenza virus. The detailed insight gained into the dynamics of influenza evolution has informed and expanded our research activities to examine new horizons in public health.

We are a dynamic multidisciplinary team of virologists, immunologists, computational biologists, structural biologists, veterinarians, clinicians, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Alongside a network of worldclass collaborators, we combine scientific and experimental excellence to apply antigenic cartography to large complex data sets in a critical public health setting.

Drawing on research groups and institutes within the University’s Veterinary, Biological and Clinical Schools, our Collaborating Centre also provides the WHO with expertise in pandemic response, modelling of infectious and vector-borne diseases, clinical management, immunopathology, international/travel medicine, enteroviruses and other emerging encephalitides.