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WHO Collaborating Centre

for Modelling, Evolution and Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases
Professor Stephen  Bentley
Senior Research Associate/Principal Scientist
Reader in Interdisciplinary Design
Dr David  Burke
Senior Research Associate
Structural bioinformatics algorithms, structure and function prediction of individual protein families
Dr Judy  Fonville
Research Associate
Antibody landscapes
Head of the Population Biology group, Department of Veterinary Medicine
Consultant in Infectious Diseases
Clinical Director Infectious Diseases Division, Addenbrooke's Hospital
Professor of Comparative Pathology
Head of the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics, Department of Veterinary Medicine
 Terry  Jones
Research Associate
Antigenic cartography, antibody landscapes, computational biology
Professor of Comparative Immunogenetics, Department of Pathology
 Björn  Koel
PhD Student
Molecular determinants of influenza A virus antigenic evolution
 Tomasz   Kotarba
PhD Student
Software Engineer
Dr Nicola  Lewis
Senior Research Associate
 Ana  Mosterin
PhD Student
Influenza immunization & evolution
Head of Pathogen Genomics, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
 Gene  Selkov
Senior Software Engineer
Antigenic Cartography software development
 Eugene   Skepner
Senior Software Engineer
Antigenic Cartography software development
 Marina   Skepner
Junior Software Consultant
Raw data processing, software testing and QA
Professor of Sustainable Design
Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge
Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, Addenbrooke’s Hospital